About Us

Our story.

While a part of Openground, a young entrepreneur's business incubator programme, founder Alex Buxton was searching for a problem to solve.


One day, it struck when trying on suits, that one thing he always found annoying was belts. They never seemed to fit quite right, always too loose or too tight, or had too long a belt end, and always fiddly to try to get undone. In the past, he never wore them for such reasons. 

After tedious research into various solutions, he settled upon ratchet belts. They solved all the problems he previously had with belts after trying them himself for a couple of months.

From there, it only felt right to try to bring ratchet belts to the rest of New Zealand in the hopes of solving the same problems for others. 

Following time spent creating the right ratchet belts and inventing a brand, formerly known as KUMP, now Bux Belt, was founded. We strive to not only provide a solution to the problems of traditional men's belts but also to improve men's everyday ease and comfort through our ratchet belts. 


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