How does it work?

A ratchet belt isn't quite the same as a traditional belt, easier to use, but different to what you might be used to.                             

How our ratchet belts work.

How it works

This system is intuitive, simple, and allows for easy adjustment of sizing as you go about life, it's the best way to keep up your pants!

So, what are the benefits of using a Bux Belt?  

  • Achieve a perfect fit - Never again have a belt be too loose or too tight with 30+ possible sizing options
  • Effortless adjustability - Adjust your belt throughout the day, be it after you eat or workout, with ease as your weight fluctuates. 
  • No more worn holes - No worries of ugly, unprofessional, stretched-out belt holes again. 
  • Everyday convenience - Taking our belt on and off is as easy as it gets, you'll especially appreciate it when you're busting.


How to resize a Bux Belt belt

Another feature of a KUMP belt is that you are able to remove the buckle from the belt and cut the leather in case the belt is too big or you don't like how much of the belt end hangs out. Follow this simple guide to cutting your belt to the right length for yourself.

It should be noted that when measuring, we suggest that you try the belt on and make a mark on the back of the belt where you want to cut so that you can easily cut to the perfect length. We would however suggest erring on the side of caution and cutting bit by bit so that you do not accidentally cut your Bux Belt too short, an action which Bux Belt is not liable for.